Thursday, April 10, 2008

How I got with MRI

Hello folks. I've decided to start this blog because I began dealing with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) quite long ago and had enough time to get familiar with it. It all began when I was seriously injured in a car accident. I head a legs broken, so as the neck and the ribs. These were enough reasons to be afraid to even look at an MRI scan of these body parts. Some other parts were also broken:

  1. Sternum (only a little)
  2. Costa
  3. Femur
  4. Phalanges
  5. Metacarpals
  6. Carpals
  7. Tarsal
  8. Talus
  9. Metatarsals
  10. Phalanges digiti
  11. Tibia bone
  12. Fibula bone
  13. Patella
  14. Pelvis bones
  15. Vertebra
  16. Humerus bones
  17. Clavicle
  18. Scapula
  19. Ulna bone
  20. Radius
Quite an impressive list, ugh. But it were all the facts I had to face. When I got an MRI scans print-outs for these body parts and bones it was a new and interesting experience for me. Some of them still hurt almost constantly, some only a little, some do not. but the pictures were quite exact to reflect the situation.

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