Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to behave yourself when taking MRI scans

Taking Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans of your body is usually an easy enough process for any patient as it is conducted in a well-equipped and specialized medical institutions. First, MRS itself is quite a loud machine. So be prepared for that. here is what you should ask for to reduce the load on your ears.

1) The technician should give you the headphones, not the usual ones but those that helicopter pilots wear (with an improved sound-isolation characteristics). You would better ask for those special phones.

2) Some also offer a list of CDs and ask what kind of music a patient likes and want to listen to. If you chose not to have any music - this may appear to be not acceptable. The technician will tell you that you should listen to it anyway because the machine is very very loud.

3) At this point you should ask how listening to music cranked up loud enough to drown out the machine was any better for ears than just listening to the machine itself. The technician will get weird look on her face like this had never occurred to her before. The answer is clear: drowning out one noise with another doesn’t make things any quieter.

4) At any rate, you should not be disappointed about something going wrong. Just try to take your pictures and get them away when you are done.

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